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Buyers Rebate Chart

You do a lot of legwork in finding your new home.  Technology has changed the way you look for a home and provides you with information and tools previously available only to agents. You research neighborhoods, find home styles and features you like, and determine the majority of homes you want to look at.  We feel that the leg work you put in significantly reduces the workload of agents. Isn’t it about time you’re compensated for your efforts?

When we represent you we get paid from the seller.  We rebate a portion of our commission to you.  The amount of rebate depends on the purchase price of your home.  You can use the rebate to pay for closing costs, discount points, or even reduce the purchase price of the home. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Our Process:

1. Buyer Consultation- Meet with you to determine your wants and needs, explain the buying process, go over financing options, and answer any questions you may have.

2. Viewing homes- In addition to homes you request to see, our agents get to know you and suggest homes matching your criteria. We give Professional unbiased feedback of homes you look at.

3. Writing the Offer- When you’ve found the right home we’ll go over pricing statagy and similar sold homes, prepare all paperwork, and present the offer.

4. Negotiations- We Represent YOU! We negotiate for you from start to finish, getting you the best price and terms.

5. Managing your Purchase- You can rest assured. We’re working behind the scenes to manage each step, From offer to inspection, appraisal and title work to attending the closing.

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