Rebate Terms & Conditions

Pro Flat Fee Realty, LLC (Broker) offers rebates to home buying clients.  Client must have exclusive buyer representation by Pro Flat Fee Realty.  Rebate is offered on a closed sale where Pro Flat Fee Realty receives full buyer broker compensation from listing broker or seller.   Purchase price determines amount of rebate.  For new construction that bases buyer broker compensation on base price, base price shall be used to determine rebate amount. In the even Buyer Broker Compensation is less than 2.5%, Broker shall receive compensation based on 2.5% of sales price and the remaining compensation shall be rebate amount.  Buyer must disclose this rebate agreement to their lender.  Rebate to be included on settlement statement as a credit and as directed by lender.  Lender may prohibit rebate, or may prohibit a portion of rebate in the case of application towards closing costs.  Purchase price of home may be reduced by rebate amount, with seller and listing broker written permission.   If lender prohibits payment of rebate completely, PRO Flat Fee Realty shall not be obligated to make rebate payment to client.

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