Plymouth Council Votes Down Short-Term Rental Restrictions

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On Tuesday, December 18 the Plymouth City Council met and considered adding “occurrence restrictions” on short-term rentals within the city limits. The proposed ordinance would have allowed only one occurrence of a short-term rental in a 30-day consecutive period, effectively limiting the frequency of short-term rentals. Minneapolis Area REALTORS® submitted a formal letter and testified before the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and Community Development Director. REALTORS® fundamentally believe in private property rights, among those rights is the right to ‘let for rent’ real property.

Essentially, without the right to buy, sell, or ‘let for rent’ the value of real property ownership is significantly diminished. However, REALTORS® also understand and respect that cities need to ensure safety and order in the short-term rental market. REALTORS® oppose outright bans on short-term rentals. REALTORS® do not oppose some level of regulation on short-term rentals so longs as the ability to ‘let for rent’ real property with a minimally intrusive, nominally priced and permissive structure is preserved. REALTORS® pointed out it was the once per 30-day period that was most concerning.

The number of short-term rental occurrences does not necessarily correlate with negative or disruptive behavior at a given property. REALTORS® suggested the trigger for action against a landlord should be complaint-based and via the license suspension, revocation, process not via an arbitrary occurrence standard. A total of eight individuals testified against the proposal. Council members questioned the need for such an ordinance and pointed out the total number of concerns had been very low. The final vote was 6-1.

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